1981 [FRENCH]

Action / Drama / Horror


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Isabelle Adjani as Anna / Helen
Sam Neill as Mark
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rageinblack 5 / 10

This movie could be so much better, it had definitely had potential

I heard a lot of good things about it but I was procrastinating the watch for some reason, my subconscious already knew why apparently. Jokes aside, this movie was annoyingly ridiculous to me. She was beautiful, he is an awesome actor, the atmosphere screamed Polanski all over it and I thought what could go wrong, right? Well, first of all, her acting was terrible and annoying when she played the role of Anna. I could literally picture in my mind in most scenes how the director behind the scenes screaming to her "now roll over, be more insane, do this do that", such a feeling I had when I watched the annoying Babadook kid acting out too. They both did a bad acting job IMO and or maybe it was the director's fault. I can see the director as some kind of visionary megalomaniac, clearly inspired by Polanski. That being said, the movie didn't make much sense nor it explained anything. It was long and boring, but if it was made better, even with the same elements but placed more logically, could have been good. I also like the Lovecraftian overtone that it has. I'm actually surprised that I disliked the movie. I mean I didn't actually dislike it, I was intrigued to a degree but at the same time I was put off, because I was constantly seeing a missed potential. I don't know, I may be wrong, perhaps I'm doing injustice to the movie, but I was ultimately disappointed. I felt like the director was improvising badly, a lot. As I said, this movie could be better. It was too vague and artsy to be considered an actually enjoyable and entertaining horror movie, but it is not that far from it either, so I have very mixed feelings about it and that's why I rated it 5 out of 10 stars.

Reviewed by jeremy-david-kuehnau 1 / 10

Slow, boring, waste of time.

After finding this on a "Top 10 Body Horror Films" list, I decided to give this movie a go, based on the scant few images I managed to find online.

The general idea is about a married man who is having problems with a unfaithful wife, who appears to be slowly going more and more insane as the film goes on.

It actually isn't until well over halfway through the film that the movie ever actually takes on any sort of aspect that is even remotely similar to any sort of horror film. And as soon as it does, it makes no sense whatsoever, which includes the ending.

Long winded, boring, this are just a few words I use to describe this film. The pacing is awful, the writing is awful, even the actors are awful. I can't believe I wasted my time watching this film.

Reviewed by freecine 9 / 10

Possession Review

This film is brilliantly chilly, with its grey setting only further highlighting the drably seething alienation of the lead characters. Famously branded a video nasty in the UK, it is really an art-house film, from the time when they were more than just polite prestige cinema, about the breakdown of a marriage and all the bile and hatred and monstrousness that comes when loves breaks down. With an oblique ending that feels fascinating rather than impenetrable, Possession is a slice of European mischief with a gooey, splashy centre.

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