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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 15%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 56%
IMDb Rating 6.3 10 94794

Keywords:   wrong diagnosis, cash, shaky camera shot, waterboarding, reload

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Jason Statham as Jake Green
Mark Strong as Sorter
Ray Liotta as Dorothy Macha
Francesca Annis as Lily Walker
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by darklydreamingrahu 8 / 10

Style and thought-provoking substance.

Okay. The negative reviews for this one have some merit. It is pretentious. It is confusing and jumbled. The ending leaves plot points dangling. Ray Liotta is three-quarters nude most of the time (if not completely nude). There's stints of "psychobabbling" and jabs at the viewer which only a theology major or philosophy scholar will pick up on. But there's a reason for all of this.

I normally don't do spoilers, but some are necessary here to discuss the underlying meaning or non-meanings of Revolver. Sorry.

First of all, it's obvious GR has fell in the Kabbalah hole with Madonna. For those of you who don't know, Kabbalah is a set of esoteric thoughts and teachings of Judaism, meant to explain the relationship between an eternal and mysterious creator and the mortal and finite universe (In my humble opinion, it's more of the same ancient religious hogwash). Revolver is overly-laced with references to it. The number 32 pops up in numerous places (In the Kabbalah, there are 32 Kabbalistic Paths of Wisdom) along with lighting that refers to auras emitted by the characters. The "Trinity" of the Patriarchs (Avi - Abraham, Zach - Issac, and Jake - Jacob) wear their corresponding colors and follow their mannerisms. The film's main theme is conquering one's own ego and following a righteous path to enlightenment. A very esoteric theme. Indeed, the "Snatch" director has been reading.

There's also many philosophies touched on. All the major ones are hit from Kant to Plato. You'll notice many philosophical references if you are familiar with that sort of thing. If not, don't even attempt it. Just grasp the overall concepts of the film and it seems like you'll be one step ahead of most of the reviewers.

Many people have misinterpreted even the physical happenings of the movie (of which are there are fewer than first perceived).

First off, the guys in the prison, they didn't exist. Mr. Green created Avi and Zach in his head while in solitary confinement. Both of them were the "Conman and gameplayer" aspects of his persona and indeed his ego itself. In fact, the whole crime-based plot is an esoteric subtext for the war between greed, revenge, and ego. The characters and plot devices are simply put in place to personify the messages given. Even Ray Liotta being so naked all the time represents his vulnerability and sloth-like laziness. Pay special attention to the colors and auras displayed around all the "characters" at certain times. The true meaning of the main theme is you are your own worst enemy because of sins you fail to accept. Let these sins like greed, pride, and sloth fall away, and you will be one step closer to enlightenment (hence Jacob giving Abraham and Isaac all the money and following them down the path of righteousness in the wake of his perceived death).

Who is Mr. Gold? Mr. Gold is most likely meant to be the representation of greed and ego within all of humankind. It could be Mr. Gold is God himself. He is omnipotent and "sees everything." It is said he is the "King of this game," so it is a logical conclusion that he is the "Creator." His representative glows on the screen and says things like, "You only get one chance with Mr. Gold." There are many interpretations to be found for "Mr. Gold."

What does the ending mean? It is left for interpretation. I have my own ideas of what it means, but based on what was hopefully my useful context, you will go back and watch again, and make your own conclusions. I'd hate to ruin all the fun. I've only touched on the basics of what it takes to grasp this movie's intentionally complex messages and concepts.

"Revolver" will either completely turn you off, or completely engage you in thought. Unlike trite films such as Inception, it's convoluded story speaks to the complex nature of esoteric thought. Being a non-theist, it's hard for me to accept some of the overtly religious mumbo-jumbo images and assertions, but I still respect the film. It's an intelligent one that requires an open and intelligent mind to grasp. It's no wonder it flew over so many people's heads. While I generally don't like preachy messages and things shoved in my face, the surreal nature of "Revolver" and the clever GR execution was a hit. It kept my attention and made me think for hours about it's many complex themes. Some of the characters were useless and some of it was just too preachy for me, but overall a very well-made art film. The acting is phenomenal and, as usual, GR is stylish and smart. 8/10

Reviewed by MartinHafer 5 / 10

Extremely stylish...extremely violent...extremely confusing.

Whether you enjoy watching "Revolver" or not, I would say that it is not among director Guy Ritchie's best work. Yes, it's stylish, has some remarkable camerawork and effects, and is, as usual, ultra-violent, but in the end the story seemed confusing and not all that satisfying.

Explaining the story in "Revolver" is almost impossible, as it's a very confusing film that would get better if you watched it repeatedly...though I am not inclined to do so. Suffice to say, Mr. Green (Jason Statham) is having a VERY bad period in his life and he's being manipulated and controlled by some higher if it's all a game. In the process, many other bad people and gangsters are killed.

The problem with the film is that the audience is deliberately held on the edge of their seats waiting to see WHO and WHY all this is occurring to Green. This sets expectations VERY high....and for me the ending just seemed like a lot of mumbo-jumbo that really didn't explain anything. So, if you are a person who was left confused and mad at the end of "2001: A Space Odyssey", well, you'll feel pretty much the same at the end of "Revolver". Overall, a somewhat unpleasant and bloody film that just didn't offer the payoff or the enjoyment of Ritchie's other films, such as "Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" or "Snatch". Parts of the film were great (I loved the bald hitman) and parts were just unpleasant and confusing.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 1 / 10

Absolute crap

Ostensibly a gangster movie, Guy Ritchie's REVOLVER turns out to be some self-serving, pretentious piece of existentialism in which characters aren't really characters but rather archetypes and a key theme revolves around a game of chess. Er, THE SEVENTH SEAL this ain't...

It's clear that cast and crew are out of their depth, with Ritchie floundering with the concept and resorting to the usual kind of dumb humour and gangster clichés. Statham is way out of his comfort zone and needs to go back to the stock action movies he's better known for, and Ray Liotta, prancing around in tight swimming trunks, should really know better.

I do tend to gain some mild enjoyment from most of the films I watch, even the bad ones. A film like SORORITY ROW can be made fun of, after all. But REVOLVER is entirely without merit, and a complete waste of time I actually resented sitting through.

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