Roger Waters - Us + Them


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Amiri17 9 / 10

Brought me to tears

I was skeptical about going to the cinema to watch a 2hr 15 minute concert film, however after leaving the cinema I have absolutely no regrets. This combined elements of cinema, theater and of course music. The accompanying images shown during the songs complimented the music perfectly, and the sets where incredible, especially the Battersea power station which was recreated during the performance of songs from the Animals (1977) album. (Everyones lowkey favourite floyd album) I will say I did find the 10 minutes of aggressive Trump bashing during the performance of Pigs slightly excessive, especially as Waters seems to want to promote peace and unity with his music, I did feel this could have used a little more subtlety. Apart from that, I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this film, I actually found myself with tears in my eyes during the performance of Another brick in the wall PT 2, I styled it out by not wiping my eyes, and my friends still think I am a tough guy. The musicians were absolutely astonishing, all of them put in a flawless performance.

Highly recommended!!!

Reviewed by declannshields 10 / 10

A fantastic look into one of the greatest tours ever performed

This film is a phenomal glance closer up to Roger Waters' magnum opus tour.

I was lucky enough to be there for the actual tour and this film stood up as about as close to that experience as you could get. The directing, cinematography and VFX are fantastic, the film looks unbelievably good!

All of the imagery is captured so perfectly that it's hard to imagine how it could be done better! It truly captures the feeling of being there, this film also provides a deeper, clearer look into the message behind the tour, told through the film presented on screen behind the band, which is delightfully presented in full screen clarity in this film, with parts added.

There is so much to love about this concert film, Roger still sounds fantastic, it's shot brilliantly, it has a powerful, poignant message about the state of the world, and of course, the music is beyond brilliant.

Don't miss the opportunity to see this masterpiece in cinemas! Fingers crossed they release this on 4k blu ray! Shine on!

Reviewed by cmccreary-141-935596 10 / 10

A message for future generations

Us and Them is something that should be shared and watched amongst everyone around the world. Every minute of the event has been thought out to present the confronting reality of what our world has become. Symbolism is used to present the audience with strong political ideas that are very prevalent in today's society. This live performance has broadened my understanding of the music and will eventually be an event to go down in history! Well done Roger Waters

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