Action / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 35%
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Ivana Milicevic as Sarah Tanner
Sean Astin as Stuart Conway
Vinnie Jones as Winston Briggs
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 2 / 10

Had a good concept, that was it

Believe it or not, Slipstream did have an intriguing idea and did have potential to be good. Unfortunately it squandered this potential by very poor execution. The effects are actually not too bad and neither is the scenery, but I couldn't really enjoy them with the lighting being so dull and the overuse of rotating shots. The dialogue verged on cheesy and stilted, the pacing was dull and meandering and the story was predictable and by the ending(which was little more than a clichéd cop-out) contrived also. There are even seemingly two versions of the same scene, both poorly written and have no sense of continuity within each other or the film. The time travel stuff had potential to be interesting but turned out incomprehensible instead, and there are no well-developed or likable characters, made to do clichéd and irritating things. The acting is also poor, Sean Astin is good with worthwhile material but is stuck when not so, his performance here is the latter, coming across as annoying instead. Vinnie Jones' acting is also limited for the same reason. Even the soundtrack was convoluted, just a string of tunes that added nothing to the story or the atmosphere. Overall, the concept was good, and the scenery and effects were better than I thought, but the film itself tried too hard and ended up failing big-time to thought-provoke, entertain or even maintain interest. 2/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 2 / 10

Awful Crap

What could I expect of a movie with Sean Astin in the lead role of a scientist? I have just watched "Slipstream" and I am amazed how awful this movie is: it is incoherent, with bad acting, full of holes in the screenplay and with some of the worst dialogs I have ever heard in a film. I read the excellent lead review from smash016 called "Mere pretentiousness" that practically exposes and summarizes everything I wanted to say about this crap, in a very funny style. As a movie lover, I usually try to see the good and positive points of a movie, but in "Slipstream" I have nothing good to highlight. Do not waste your time and money with this garbage. My vote is two.

Title (Brazil): "Contra o Tempo" ("Against the Time")

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 6 / 10


In the future nature rebels against man and creates a new world of few people with most living a "Mad Max" world. A strange man in a suit (Bob Peck) is captured by law enforcement agents (Mark Hamill and Kitty Aldridge). Before he can be returned, a bounty hunter (Bill Paxton) kidnaps the man so he can get the bounty. They are pursued through villages traveling by air.

As time goes on we learn more about this strange man and why he is so important.

This film has quite the cast, which includes small roles by Ben Kinsley, Robbie Coltrane (Hagrid) and F. Abraham Murray. In spite of the all-star cast and interesting subject matter, the poor transfer to DVD coupled with an ending that seemed to drag on made watching tedious after a while.

Parental Guide: No f-bombs, but adult language. Near sex scenes, groping. Brief nudity (?) at a distance.

Available on several multi-film sci-fi collections.

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