Small World

2021 [POLISH]

Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

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Plot summary

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January 28, 2022 at 01:27 AM


Top cast

Piotr Adamczyk as Robert Goc
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Sonny_Neil 9 / 10

Great gritty and dark crime movie

This is a pretty dark and realistic movie that depict sick and twisted individuals; this is about child trafficking, from beginning to end.

Needless to say; if you like dark and gritty stuff, this is for you.

Some parts could have been better and much more believable but, most of what they show and how they show it is pretty accurate and real; it happened, it's happening and will happen.

Really enjoyed it, KUDOS to the director, actors; the entire team working on this to have the balls to create a movie showing real stuff that is happening in the world (hopefully this will open some eyes) and most importantly; going full on.. because otherwise, what is the point if you don't?

Reviewed by billcr12 7 / 10


Small World is a disturbing but realistic portrayal of a film on the subject of child sex trafficking. A girl is abducted in Poland and taken to Russia as a cop relentlessly pursues the kidnappers. From Poland and Russia to Britain and Thailand, the underworld of these slime bags is universal. The acting is excellent, and the story a riveting one. Not a pleasant movie, but a necessary one.

Reviewed by roger_towne 3 / 10

Wasted Potential

There was an opportunity here to weave the viewer through a sick twisted journey of pedophiles and the worst of humanity, but worn-out cliches, mouth-yawning action, unnecessary story sequences and painfully stupid character decisions bury this movie in the cemetary of forgotten films. Too bad, there were actually some worthy moments and glimpses of potential. But as usual, too many writers and filmmakers today can't look past the typical crap to create moving stories with interesting characters.

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