Spider-Man: Homecoming


Action / Adventure / Sci-Fi

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Plot summary

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March 02, 2020 at 01:38 PM


Top cast

Jennifer Connelly as Karen / Suit Lady
Tom Holland as Peter Parker / Spider-Man
Angourie Rice as Betty
Chris Evans as Steve Rogers / Captain America
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BA_Harrison 6 / 10

Raimi's Spidey is still the best (not including Part 3).

I had a reasonably fun time with Spiderman Homecoming, but I have a few big issues that prevent me from loving it...

Firstly, Peter Parker's vulnerability/invulnerability. There's a scene where Spiderman bangs his head on the roof of a truck, knocking himself unconscious, yet later on in the film, a couple of tons of concrete and steel land on the lad's head with no lasting damage. Not long after, Peter falls to the ground from a crashing jet (presumably travelling at a couple of hundred miles an hour) and gets up without a problem. Concussion one minute, indestructible the next!

Spiderman's strength is inconsistent too: Peter is holding together two halves of the Staten Island ferry in one scene, but later he is struggling to free himself from some rubble.

I also have a problem with The Avengers' very lax approach to shifting their equipment to new premises: Happy (Jon Favreau) loads all of the Avenger's weapons/armour onto an unmanned aircraft - not one person to guard it. Of course, this suited the plot, but it was extremely daft. Surely a couple of superheroes could have taken time out from saving the world to escort the precious cargo.

Last moan: did Spidey really need a high-tech suit equipped with AI and special assault modes? I thought Spiderman relied on Spidey sense.

On a more positive note, I enjoyed Peter's trials and tribulations at high-school, and thought that the twist revelation about the true identity of Vulture was well handled (I didn't see it coming). The special effects are, as always, very impressive, and Director Jon Watts handles the action well enough, but Sam Raimi needn't worry: his first two Spiderman movies remain the best.

Reviewed by yaszi-83296 8 / 10

They brought it ''home'' pun intended

This movie was really cool, it was a fresh Spider-Man movie, Tom Holland does a great job of being this young energized teenager. The movie is really fun and has some great action, we also have Tony Stark (Iron Man) some of the classmates Peter has make for cool side characters that help improve funny scenes. Tom Holland is also a good amount younger than the previous Spider-Men, so he is closer to a teenager and does a really good job at being one.

The villain is also really good, he is different, played by (Micheal Keaton) The Vulture is a compelling villain that isn't a psycho that wants to control the world, he is just someone trying to take care of his family.

I think this was a simple, fun first Spider-Man movie with Tom Holland, this movie continues the event of civil war, it actually picks up right we're civil war left and shows what Peter & Tony did after. The movie is a pretty great fast paced Spider-Man movie, and is a great first Spider-Man movie for the MCU.

Reviewed by studioAT 3 / 10

Here we go again

Another reboot?! After three Toby Maguire fronted films (two of which I thought were great) and two with Andrew Garfield (that were OK, nothing special) in the lead it seemed very odd that Marvel would reboot the franchise yet again.

Sadly for me third time is not the charm, and this film verges on being a bit silly and dare I say it pointless.

Everyone gives decent enough performances, and its nice that it's more of a teen film, but having sat through better Spiderman films, this one seems to come up short.

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