The 12 Biggest Lies


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by darthkrieg 4 / 10

An exercise in Christian propaganda.

A simplistic exercise in christian propaganda. If you are expecting some serious revelations about the world you live in or about the universe, this is not the film to watch. Two or three interesting ideias during almost two hours of "documentary" are not enough for a positive classification. Therefore, 4 out of 10, and I'm being generous...

Reviewed by positivelydetermined 2 / 10

Idea's leading to a Christian view of earth.

I was half interested until the last 45 minutes. It's kinda promised sex only to find out you wasted a whole night on a transvestite. The first few idea's seemed to have a one sided point of view and a lot of the information had way too many holes in it.... I entertained it because I have a high interest in the psychology of groups and group patterns/behavior and subjects as such. This would have been a good watch if it wasn't for all the bs. I have nothing against American's as well but I am well aware of how their system works so naturally anyone would respond that way. Favoritism and boxing idea's is a disease on our thinking. There is NOTHING evolved about the way the western mind thinks. Just look at the poop chute's of our society and look at who get's the short end of the stick. This show was a thought experiment until I vomited toward the end. If anything is evil it is the way countries, monotheism and religions constantly compete to enforce their idea's on the world creating massive pain and suffering. We are in control. We have always been. The ant's just don't know that they outnumber the grasshoppers by the billions.

Reviewed by napierslogs 5 / 10

"12 Biggest Lies" is about lies, but more just semantics

The documentary "12 Biggest Lies" is just people standing in front of the camera and lecturing us on truth, lies and the semantics of them both. I agree with most of their "lies" that the world is based on, there's even some educational value in what they have to say, but interest would be borderline. It's as boring as you could possibly make a documentary.

"12 Biggest Lies" would be for lawyers and philosophy majors who enjoy discussions on what is truth, what is moral or good, and how does society function? But this is mostly a lesson in semantics. It might even turn off its target audience because it's awfully difficult to argue back with your TV.

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