The Bucket List


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Jack Nicholson as Edward
Morgan Freeman as Carter
Ian Anthony Dale as Instructor
Rowena King as Angelica
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by blanbrn 7 / 10

Good and decent tag team effort from two legendary veterans(Nicholson and Freeman) that teaches us about life friendships and touches our emotions and feelings.

"The Bucket List" is certainly a sentimental favorite that as a viewer touches your emotions and has you hoping for finding a friendship in the end, even though the film is funny and somewhat unrealistic. The performances from Jack and Morgan as expected are top notch, and I personally like Rob Reiner's direction of showing how an unlikely and odd friendship develops between two guys on their way out of life by doing the things they've always wanted. The "Bucket List" in many respects is a good happy fairy tale that most ordinary folks would dream about before they die, yet the character types played by Nicholson and Freeman make it so believable.

Jack Nicholson is billionaire hospital CEO administrator Edward Cole who as a grumpy and aging four time divorced playboy finds he has terminal cancer. With Freeman a character that's much different a blue collar working class auto mechanic named Carter Chambers who's a loving family man with a wife and kids and on the side a beloved history buff and trivia enthusiast yet he discovers his fate of having terminal cancer. Upon meeting in the same hospital room they share at first it's a cold and tough bonding only later to grow into a friendship by journey and discovery. The concept is thought up by Chambers by making a list called "The Bucket List" of things to do before we die. Oddly opposites agree the journey starts. The adventures include the heart pumping sky diving, auto drag racing, and trips to exotic locations and foreign countries. Many scenes like the mountain tops and pyramids seem unreal, yet are carried on by the witty and funny lines from Jack's character.

Most important aside from the journey and discovery of friendship and caring by travel and adventure a special bond is formed. Each has learned before they meet the end they have made each a better person that cares they both found what's important in life thru one another. "The Bucket List" isn't really a tear jerker, yet it's story of two terminal cancer patients provides the need for compassion as the viewer feels pain during the early scenes and you are certainly touched by the way the characters emotions grow by friendship you as the viewer feel your emotions have taken a good friendship journey. Finally this film is made even better by the performances of the two veteran legends Nicholson and Freeman. I highly recommend anyone view "The Bucket List".

Reviewed by ferguson-6 7 / 10

The Wheels on the Bus

Greetings again from the darkness. Yes, this can be viewed as Hollywood formula with mass appeal and loads of stereotypes and clichés. On the other hand, it can be taken as a very accessible commentary on friendship, companionship and finding the joy in life. I prefer the latter. Either way, it does require a certain suspension of reality. Just ask Roger Ebert, who has made it his personal mission to bash the film.

Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman are both in prime form, and after a string of weak films, director Rob Reiner does a masterful job of keeping Nicholson from going over the top and from having Freeman kill us with sweetness. Even more impressive is the pacing of the early hospital scenes ... nothing is forced, no line of dialogue or shot seems hurried. This is two patients coming to grips with their situation. While the worldly travels are impressive, my favorite parts of the film are the scenes between the two beds in the same room.

On the downside, will someone please tell Hollywood that Morgan Freeman in the cast does not mandate a blasted voice-over from the man? We know he has a great voice, but if the narration adds nothing to the story, please just let the film do its thing.

There are some laugh out loud moments and one-liners, but there are also some strong moments of drama ... death has a way of creating those. This is a combination of road trip, buddy film and coming-of-age ... very unusual for two senior citizens! So while the story line surprises are few, sit back and enjoy excellent acting (including Sean Hayes), wonderful direction and a few life lessons. Good stuff for a movie that all ages can enjoy.

Reviewed by MartinHafer 10 / 10

Going in style.

Two men, Edward (Jack Nicholson) and Carter (Morgan Freeman) are terminally ill from cancer. Both are essentially waiting to die. However, instead of just waiting for the inevitable, they come up with a create a bucket list AND do as much of it as they can before they can't. And, because Edward is mega-rich and has no family, he offers to take Carter along and include his list among the activities they'll do. But their globe-trotting adventure, while exciting, isn't quite as smooth as they'd planned. See the film and find out why.

The main reason to watch this movie is to see the acting. After all, Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson are amazing actors and seeing them here is quite nice...and touching. The other reason is for the cinematography...the film is filled with gorgeous locations and looks simply incredible. And, of course, there's the story....which is touching and makes you think.

This film is not an easy one to watch. For me, having been a cancer survivor, seeing how realistically it's portrayed in the film is a bit Nicholson actually had his head shaved for this. It's also not going to be easy for anyone who's had someone close to them die from's bound to bring back a lot of memories and pain. I mention all this because I think you should be aware of all this before you choose to see the film.. Now I am NOT saying you shouldn't...I'm just telling you to be prepared.

By the way, I like the idea of a bucket list. But I also like the idea of NOT waiting until you are on death's door to do it like they did in the film. Do it as soon as you can....don't delay until you cannot complete your list. At age 50, I started....and have done an amazing number of once in a lifetime experiences. Don't wait too long.

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