The Land Before Time V: The Mysterious Island


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Anndi McAfee as Cera
Jeff Bennett as Petrie / Mr. Clubtail
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Smells_Like_Cheese 6 / 10

The Mysterious Island

The Land Before Time V: The Mysterious Island, the fifth installment in the Land Before Time series, we have the return of Chomper in this one! Which I absolutely loved, because he was such an adorable character in the second sequel to the series. Littlefoot and his friends are back and they do get into another squwabble, but it's all good to continue their adventures. I've so far have actually enjoyed these sequels, as silly as they are, I think that they are great for the kids and even as a family film. The characters are lovable and the story has great morals on friendship, trust and respect. I'd rather have my kids watching this vs. some of the shows on the Disney channel today. But The Mysterious Island was a great addition to the story as we continue to see Littlefoot grow with his friends.

After a cloud of locusts descend upon the Great Valley, devouring all plants and leaving it a barren wasteland, the inhabitants must seek another place where they can survive until the plants in the Great Valley have grown back. However, the "Swarming Leaf Gobblers" have left a path of devastation behind them, leaving no food for the dinosaurs to find. After looking for days through this desolation, the herd fight and threaten to separate. The main characters do not want to be separated, so they set out to find a location with plentiful food. They leave a trail for the grownups to find them with, and eventually reach the ocean. There, they see a verdant island connected to the mainland by a thin land bridge. On their way, an earthquake occurs, which they narrowly escape, and which wipes out the bridge. Isolated on the island, they try out Cera's idea to return by using a log as a boat. However, a "swimming sharptooth" attacks, and in the confusion and fright which follows, they end up on the island again. That night, they remember their families, while the herd, who followed the trail, sleep on the shores of the beach on the mainland, worrying for them. The next morning, the children wake up to the shadow of a Sharptooth. They take off, but find themselves cornered by high cliffs. They huddle together when the sharptooth approaches, only to find that it is Chomper. He then helps them to hide from his parents, who are also on the island, and provides them with food upon their request. However, an overcautious Cera openly displays distrust to Chomper because he was a Sharptooth, which grieves him, and he departs. Littlefoot follows him and apologizes, but is interrupted by Chomper's mother. But with a sharptooth's reputation, they don't know if this will be a good or bad meeting as well with the woe of not knowing if they will ever see their families again.

The Land Before Time V: The Mysterious Island is a good movie, I'm really disappointed in the ratings on these movies, after all they are more meant for the kids. As a child's movie, it's a great one, as a movie that the whole family can enjoy together, I think it's very possible if you give it a chance. Plus you just have got to love Chomper, how could you not? He's so adorable and I loved seeing the sharptooth's reaction to their friendship. But this is a great story and I think these movies are good so far, I'm looking forward to watching the next sequel.


Reviewed by IonicBreezeMachine 6 / 10

A transitional point in the series.

After a swarm of locusts devour the entirety of the Great Valley's green food, Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, and Spike and their families journey out of the Great Valley in search of a temporary home with a food source. After an extended period of walking tensions build among the group (Particularly between Grandpa Longneck and Cera's father). To prevent the groups from separating the children set off by themselves to find green food and stumble onto a mysterious island via a land bridge. After a tidal wave washes away the land bridge the group finds themselves stranded on the island and reunite with Chomper (now grown and able to speak).

The Land Before Time V: The Mysterious Island is the next chapter in the ongoing Land Before Time direct to video series. The franchise sees the departure of director Roy Allen Smith and writer Dev Ross, and the introduction director Charles Grosvenor who'd direct the following installments of Land Before Time until Land Before Time XIII when the series went dormant. John Loy replaces Dev Ros and the voice cast from II-IV are largely replaced with the voices of Little Foot and Cera in particular being particularly noticeable. There's not much stylistically different from the Roy Allen Smith entries, but there is a noticeable change in the dialogue which becomes noticeably more anachronistic.

The story is perfectly fine in terms of plotting with the group being forced out of their valley by food scarcity brought about by swarming locusts. From there it's basically the same resource scarcity conflict from Land Before Time III but this time with slightly more focus as it doesn't shoehorn in lessons related to fire safety or bullying. The reintroduction of Chomper is decent and gives a feeling of continuity to what's a very episodic series.

The Dialogue is a slight improvement upon the rather rough exchanges from Land Before Time IV with the absence of Dil and Ichi's Bickering and Ali's nonsensical fear of Littlefoot's friends being nicely appreciated, but there's also some rather distracting anachronisms thrown into the dialogue such as references to modern day cooking techniques. There are some more subtle humorous modern day nods such as a plesiosaurus named Elsie who has a Scotish accent that was somewhat amusing.

The Land Before Time V continues the series at more or less the same level as the last one. The characters are an improvement upon the last movie with slight drawbacks in dialogue, but it's a serviceable if unexceptional entry in the series.

Reviewed by Mightyzebra 7 / 10

A weirdly good LBT

This is a good LBT, not the best, but certainly is up ahead of quite a few of the others. One weird thing about this LBT: This was directed by Charles Grosvenor and (except for LBT7) all of his later ones did not have as much action, heart, kindness or plot and story as this. Yes, some of his other ones are good as well and yes, they do have action, heart, kindness, plot and story, but not in the same way as this one. The animation in this is also similar to the films before that and it is luckily good quality LBT animation as well.?

The plot is also very interesting, gripping and a little bit more heartwrenching than a lot of other LBTs (even more so than some of the ones before Charles Grosvenor). The first ten minutes or so is very gripping and exciting, showing a swarm of "evil" locusts ridding the great valley of all green. The film goes on, everyone in the valley has to leave to find more food in the dreaded mysterious beyond. The children (Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie and Spike), go along with this. As the film goes on we see much betrayal, hard work, teamwork and hope. These feelings are expressed in a different way than a lot of the other LBTs and hopefully this will give pleasure to all who watch it (except for those who think that there should be no LBT sequels, however good they are).? ? So, enjoy "Land Before Time V: The Mysterious Island". :-)?

7 and a half out of ten.

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