The McPherson Tape


Horror / Sci-Fi

IMDb Rating 6.2 10 617

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by B-MovieDork 7 / 10

The "REAL" (lol) McPherson Tape

Ah, the infamous "real" McPherson Tape. Hugely controversial among the alien abduction enthusiasts, hundreds of people still think that this the real deal. Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but it isn't. Still, this is probably the most believable found footage movie I've ever seen, as it really does feel as if you're watching an actual VHS camcorder home video of a real Midwestern family in the early 1980s. The alien abductions themselves are not really the focus here. The focus seems to be the tension that this family feels while being scared out of their wits. I prefer this original version over the 1997 made-for-television remake, Alien Abduction: Incident in Lake County, which screamed "fake" right from the get go: awful acting, no chemistry between the actors/characters, overblown effects and laughable "documentary interviews" interspersed to insult the viewer's intelligence. Even though this original version is bare bones and lacking in alien action, it still manages to be taught, atmospheric, well acted, and most of all, believable. This has been next to impossible to find for decades, but thankfully someone has uploaded a pirated copy on the internet recently. If you are a fan of the remake, aliens/UFOs, found footage or just underground cinema in general, do yourself a favor and check it out. But just remember, its only a movie! There is no REAL "McPherson Tape" floating around out there. The name of the family in this original version isn't even McPherson, its Van Heese.

Reviewed by stuartwythe 10 / 10

Top Movie

This in my opinion is the most frightening movie i have ever seen, the story of a family at a Thanksgiving Dinner and the hell that follows when they are visited by aliens. The film is shot almost entirely on a home-movie camera which only adds to the realism and the actors play their parts very well, Myself not being the type to scare easily was on the edge of my seat throughout. I gave this movie a 10 Rating as i cannot fault it.

Reviewed by davesgotacat 10 / 10

Very, very scary.

Now I know where the producers of (IMHO the vastly inferior) Blair Witch Project could have got the idea of a domestic video film from. This was one hell of an intense fly on the wall movie. Many of the scenes comprised of one long take. Spoilt only by the fact I recognised a few of the actors and some had obviously had drama training. Despite these I gave this film a 10. Very few films can hold my attention at the edge of my seat like this one.

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