The Perfect Wave


Action / Adventure / Biography / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 35%
IMDb Rating 4.5 10 1167

Keywords:   biography, romance

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Scott Eastwood as Ian McCormack
Cheryl Ladd as Mrs. McCormack
Rachel Hendrix as Anabel
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by eleni5 4 / 10

If you have nothing else to watch

It's not that bad but as I hadn't read the summary of the story beforehand I expected other things to happen. However, it's nice to see his trip and the actor is really handsome.

Reviewed by graham_watkins 1 / 10

Incredibly bad

This film is billed as a surf movie and a quest to find a perfect wave, but it isn't. It's a thinly veiled film about religion and finding god. The film starts in New Zealand, but miraculously somewhere in New Zealand where nobody has a Kiwi accent. The acting is so wooden I wouldn't have been surprised to see Pinocchio make an appearance. Some of the places in which the surfing films were done were spectacular, but that's the only good thing about the film. The surfing scenes in Cape Town are of a surfer in only board shorts, did the director swim in the sea around Cape Town? If he had he'd have known you need a wetsuit because it's so cold. The scene near the end when the film's hero is lying on the ground with his hands together praying for god to help him was the last scene I watched. I can see why the directors added surfing to a religion themed film; they know surfers will watch any film about surfing, but if you read the film reviews by surfers you'll see they failed, and failed spectacularly. Do yourself a favour, watch something else, don't waste your time watching this drivel.

Reviewed by terramax-46940 1 / 10

An Advertisement for Christianity and Nothing More

Even the plot synopsis basically tells the entire story. A boy is "lost" and he finds God. That's it. That's all you need to know to decide whether you'll enjoy this title or not.

If you're Christian, then you'll enjoy and support this for that sole reason.

If you're not Christian, then unless you're in the mood for investing 100 minutes of your life, and perhaps some of your own hard cash to watch a glorified advertisement for Christianity try to convert you in the most cumbersome, unoriginal, forgettable way, there's no single reason to bother with this title.

The film is so hell bent on hammering down the message that God is real (pun unintended) that it gives no secondary reason to watch. There's no care for character relationships nor is there an expanded, involving plotline.

It doesn't even have an 'it's so bad it's good' element to it. It's not even comically preachy, which might have given it some value watching in an ironic way.

Simply put, don't bother. You'll get more out of watching your clothes roll around in the watching machine. I feel sorry for everyone, including my GF and I, who spent money to watch this trite, thinking they were going to see either a love story or something akin to 'The Beach'.

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