The Stranger


Action / Drama / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

IMDb Rating 4.9 10 2628

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Ariel Levy as Caleb
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by view_and_review 5 / 10

Soooo Close to Being Good

This movie was pretty good but it had the potential to be great. Ooooh I'm so bothered. Everything lined up: the story, the camera-work, the directing... then there was one character and his acting. My oh my how terrible was his acting.

Lieutenant De Luca was his name (Luis Gnecco). He was abysmal. A bald, tough guy, rule breaking cop with a loose cannon for a son that he would stick his neck out to protect. Even when his son assaults and terrorizes random people in the small town the lieutenant makes sure to cover up for him. But he was so over the top with his acting and such a caricature.

You know how there are some bad guys that you respect because of their badassness (ala Darth Vader, the Joker, Michael Myers) and there are some bad guys that you loathe because of how wicked and evil they are (Mommy Dearest, Chucky, etc.). Lieutenant De Luca was neither. You just hate him because he's trying to be something he's not. He wants to be the Darth Vader but he is more like Dark Helmet--doesn't look the part of villain and can't act the part of villain.

He romped around his small town doing as he pleased with total disregard of any semblance of laws. And because we've learned that in a small town you can do that, the other police as well as the townsfolk accepted it as commonplace. It wasn't simply his overt flexing of his executive muscle, it was the total lack of tact, guile or cleverness and the absolutely silly pathetic look he displayed when he was supposed to be tough. He was neither tough nor smart as hard as he tried to portray that. His stature and face conveyed "pity me" and the forced nature of his gruff tough guy voice conveyed "Let me make a good impression in this role." None of it worked. His character didn't work for him and he didn't work for his character.

I was so torn. The two main protagonists and the story had me drawn in but I just kept being nagged by that lieutenant. He was like a cut lip when you're trying to enjoy a good meal. The food is so good but the overall enjoyment is ruined by the pain.

Reviewed by shaffer-27429 3 / 10

Ham-Fisted to Say the Least

As a previous reviewer pointed out, this is a vampire movie that doesn't seem like a vampire movie at first. It becomes obvious pretty early on but it doesn't feel like even good vampire movies that are out there.

The problem comes from the characters. The writing is a god-awful vomit of words that just seems so fake as to be a parody of itself. The goofy thugs on "the stranger"'s first night were so brazen as to be impossible to believe. The corrupt cop dad showing up... OK, I can buy that. But then he starts acting as if absolutely nobody will do anything to him for not only dragging the body of a murder victim off to hide it for his idiotic son but then he picks up the kid, sets him on fire, pulls him off of a bus in front of dozens of passengers and... How do you write this and not see how insanely goofy this is?

The main characters aren't QUITE as unbelievable but the outright stupidity of some of them can't be believed either.

Conceptually it had potential. The execution was a miserable failure

Reviewed by insane79 4 / 10

Good story, but bad acting!

I never write reviews but this time I had to! The story itself is not bad at all, but the acting is. Only Cristobal Tapia Montt as Martin is saved here. Also, the lines in some cases are really off! The dialogues sometimes really don't deliver. Production company IFC Midnight normally produces good or decent horror movies, but this time is sadly not the case. If you are a horror fan and you have a lot of time, then watch it.

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