The Truth About Lies


Comedy / Romance

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Daniel Raymont as Broken Wing
Arthur J. Nascarella as James Lance
Miles Fisher as Kevin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TobyMartini 3 / 10

Generally bad

Disjointed and without one laugh. Characters are shallow and their actions are unbelievable. It's a shame because most of the actors are good. They're just not given anything to work with. Pass.

Reviewed by ukxenafan1 3 / 10

Male fantasy rubbish!

So you are a lazy loser dorky guy, of course it is your mothers fault, your girlfriend doesn't appreciate you but super hot Odette Annable will love you so telling lies endlessly is perfectly ok. I must admit I 've always found Fran Kranz smarmy and irritating ever since Dollhouse, however this film relies on everyone finding him totally adorable and irresistible - so if you're a Fran fan, you'll probably have a very different opinion. To me it was a male fantasy - an doofus getting the high powered job and the hot girl - while actually being totally undeserving. We are seeing the world totally though his eyes and supposed to root for him while I just wanted to give the smug git a slap!

Reviewed by andreat-54280 7 / 10

I highly recommend this interesting and hilarious take on a romantic comedy.

We all have those moments in life when everything starts falling apart. It feels like a things build up and your support system isn't there anymore. This film hits that on the head, Gilby (Fran Kranz) performance is believable, and you don't feel sorry for him but you just understand why things in life aren't going the way they should. The film does a great job of using situations as comedy and it's done in a sophisticated way. You don't feel forced to laugh while watching the film, it comes naturally similar to the blossoming relationship between Rachel (Odette Annable) and Gilby (Fran Kranz). Also, the chemistry between them is organic and grows throughout the movie. Considering their situation and that it is scandalous it's important that the relationship builds slowly. As a viewer, I found myself rooting for them to stay together because they charmed me as did the entire movie. Funny, surprising, and lovable. I highly recommend this interesting and hilarious take on a romantic comedy.

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