The Unauthorized Melrose Place Story



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Beatrice King as Make-up Artist
Lanie McAuley as Amy Locane
Ali Cobrin as Daphne Zuniga
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by travinitrav 3 / 10

Not very good. Not good at all.

The first scene of the movie gives a big hint as to how medicore the rest of it will be. There's a very nostalgic 90's party with some of the right hair and fashion and music but its not very convincing. It isn't Gen X nostalgia its Gen Z nostalgia. Nostalgia from people who aren't actually there but love it anyway. An overly fruity portrayal of Aaron Spelling makes it clear this TV movie isn't taking itself too seriously but that just makes it boring. Not one of the characters is given any real depth or development or arc. There's no confrontation and the teeny bit of drama never hits hard, such as the disappearing of the two less-popular women before season 1 was finished. This was made to cash in on the popularity of a 90's TV series but its not nearly interesting as the series itself. Even at 85 minutes it is a waste of time for hardcore fans and casual fans alike. If there's a proper documentary about Melrose Place I would much prefer watching that. Or just air reruns of the E! True Hollywood story episode.

Reviewed by paranoja 5 / 10

Does what it says

An "Unauthorized Melrose Place" story was never going to be overly exciting, as unlike the predecessor Beverly Hills 90210, there was never any major drama on the set that one could build a story around like the Shannen Doherty/Jennie Garth drama. So they end up focusing on non-issues like Laura Leighton not wanting to step on anyone's toes or Thomas Calabro's supposedly smug New York theater background.

It also only covers seasons one through three and they barely touch upon the fact that Amy Locane was dumped after the first 13 episodes (and shockingly, they don't milk her recent legal troubles).

So, it's a pretty calm movie that chugs along nicely. Nothing overly revealing and a few factual errors, but what can you expect from a made-for-TV movie by Lifetime?

Reviewed by salmineo 1 / 10

Cheaply made,boring, and terrible casting

BORING! Worse than the actual 1st season. Cheesy, unrealistic, badly cast mess! The actress playing Heather Locklear looked like a teenager playing dress-up. Unattractive cast. Acting was wooden at best. This was a waste of time. Everybody knows the Melrose Place cast got along great, and there were no behind the scenes drama. So, why even make this? It was like, NOTHING! No purpose. MP is my fave prime time soap ever. This TV movie was like a Disney Channel movie. There was never a need to make this. I would suggest you avoid this mess. Melrose Place is iconic. This TV movie is painfully boring. Watching paint dry would be more exciting.

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