Through the Glass Darkly



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Zoe Myers as Waitress
Judith Ivey as Mama Carmichael
Kerry Cahill as Cricket
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BandSAboutMovies 4 / 10

Decent thriller

A year after her daughter's disappearance in Elrod, Georgia, another local girl goes missing and Charlie (Robin Lively, The Karate Kid Part III, Lana Milford from Twin Peaks) is convinced that there is a connection. The only bad part? The police and community believe that Charlie is guilty of this new abduction.

Originally known as Through the Glass Darkly, this is the full-length directorial debut of Lauren Fash. She does a great job at balancing the Southern gothic and stranger in a strange land dynamics of this movie in very subtle ways. The real villain of this piece may as well be the town of Elrod.

While she's wary of the reporter in town trying to get her first big story, Georgia is smart enough to know how to use her to get the information that she really wants. Yet everyone in town seems to know more than they should while also believing that our protagonist is the cause of all of her own - and so many others' - challenges.

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 7 / 10

Crazy is all I know

Charlie Glass (Robyn Lively) is looking for her missing daughter Lilly. It has been a few years. When the wealthy Carmichael's daughter goes missing, the police suddenly suspect Charlie. Charlie runs a camera shop but spends most of her free time drinking whiskey at Cricket's in Elrod. A reporter (Shanola Hampton) helps Charlie on her quest to find the missing girls.

It was an interesting film. At one point I thought, "could they make this any sadder?" It has more lows than highs.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.

Reviewed by A_Different_Drummer 8 / 10

Punches way above its weight class

The problem must be marketing. Jennifer Lawrence played a similar character in a similar movie and she needed a golf cart to carry home all the awards she got. Lively, known mainly for TV, gives a performance that holds the attention. In fact the entire movie is technically perfect and it engages quite well. In the 1940s this would have been a classic "noir."

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