Tiger Claws



Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 39%
IMDb Rating 5.4 10 1021

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Cynthia Rothrock as Linda Masterson
Bolo Yeung as Chong
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Fella_shibby 6 / 10

A martial arts slasher/giallo movie.

I first saw this in the mid 90s on a vhs.

Revisited it recently.

Rothrock was indeed very hot in this movie. She was busty, bodacious n well dressed n she carried her hairstyle in an illecebrous way.

I have seen many of her movies as a teen, but those days it was for action n martial arts.

I need to revisit her movies now.

Many fellas complained about the bad acting in this movie.

I cannot fathom these fellas who look for acting in action movies, especially of the 80s n 90s.

At times this one gets a bit comical.

The camera zooms in on a fella with mullet hair n thin Zapata moustache who stands on broken glasses.

What purpose it serves is beyond me.

Just outta da blue a guy (skilled in drunken style martial arts) gets attacked by a bunch of fellas.

He is rescued by our hero who is searching for someone.

Our hero is a slimmer version of Steven Seagal n he even has a ponytail.

The movie has lots of oh ha with tight fists, claw like fists n constipated faces.

We have fellas punching in hot sand, hot tar, hot water.

I still cannot fathom what purpose does it serves.

A cop is kicked in the sea n after lottuva time has expired, he yells help, i can't swim. Man, how he didn't drowned after being in water for so long is again a bouncer for me.

The movie has terrible background music n the fight choreography ain't stimulating or intense.

Generous with a 6 cos of Rothrock, Bolo Yeung n Jalal Merhi, the guy who produced and acted in numerous action films that can be considered martial arts B movies of the 90s.

Reviewed by taisochko 10 / 10

Good Classic movie for Martial Art's fans.

Some complain about acting. They don't know the features of martial art Acting. It's a different thing. Not just b-side kung-fu-karate beat em up. This one is unique for it's sub genre. What we have here is a thriller. The main maniac-killer has very big sport ambitions, but he satisfies himself with anonymus fights till death, leaving only his signature scars on the bodies of his opponents..Bolo plays his role very well. He is a quiet painter in the dojo and he is an ego-maniac killer. Cynthia is sweet and cute in throwing her mighty kicks as allways:) Jalal is less known action star, but he suits the cast perfectly. He looks believable in the role of undercover police man. His pure mean simlycity is the right cure for the twisted Claw-mastermind..

Reviewed by tudorcristian58 6 / 10

Pretty decent

Rothrock was the best in this with her fights,acting and outfit alongside with Bolo Yeung , but she wasn't the lead, Merhi was. The problem with that was, Rothrock had all the experience and was better equipped to lead a movie and at the end of the movie it was more than OK if Rothrock had been finished Bolo in a combat fight.If Jean-Claude van Damme or even Richard Norton had been the lead male in this movie then this film had been a classic.Jalal Merhi was very awful in this unfortunately but the movie was enjoyable enough though but would have been a lot better. So i recommend you this film and if you are a Cynthia Rothrock fan you'll not be disappointed.

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