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Keywords:   murder, vampire, chase, strip club, fraternity

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Dedee Pfeiffer as Allison / Amaretto
Grace Jones as Katrina
Billy Drago as Snow
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Woodyanders 9 / 10

A very cool, clever and hugely enjoyable 80's horror comedy hoot

Mild-mannered college student Keith (affable Chris Makepeace), his more brash smooth-talking best buddy A.J. (the equally engaging Robert Rusler) and hopelessly geeky wannabe hip nerd Duncan (a hilariously dweeby Gedde Watanabe) venture into a dark, remote and dangerous Los Angeles neighborhood in search of a stripper for an upcoming fraternity party. The trio discover the seedy and sinister nocturnal establishment the After Dark Club, where our protagonists find out much to their dismay that the diabolically enticing and exotic main attraction Katrina (a mute, but stunningly effective and alluring portrayal of pure animalistic evil and raw sensuality by Grace Jones) and the rest of the club's staff are all vampires who are eager to take a lethal bite out of the boys.

Writer/director Richard Wenk offers a winningly quirky and clever blend of offbeat black humor and straightforward gruesome horror, ably creating and sustaining a properly seamy and spooky oddball nighttime atmosphere, keeping the pace snappy and steady throughout, and staging the shock scenes with a considerable amount of grisly aplomb (the moment where Katrina calmly tears a bumbling minion's heart out and her fatal seduction of A.J. are especially startling sequences). Popping up in nifty supporting parts are Dedee Pfeiffer as an endearingly ditsy waitress, Sandy Baron as the sleazy club emcee, the ever-reptilian Billy Drago as a creepy albino street gang leader, and Hy Pyke (the unforgettably nutzoid bus driver in "Lemora: A Child's Tale of the Supernatural") as a vampire hotel clerk. Elliot Davis' stylishly garish cinematography, Jonathan Elias' funky score, and Greg Cannom's excellent make-up f/x further enhance the deliciously macabre merriment of this extremely cool and enjoyable fright flick.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 4 / 10

Bloodsucking '80s comedy

VAMP is a well-known '80s comedy about a strip club that just so happens to be home to a gang of vampires who murder their patrons and drink their blood in order to make a living. The story writes itself and is a low budget yarn with plenty of vampire jokes and humour and a few bloody death scenes to keep it moving along. As an '80s comedy horror flick it's one of the lesser ones I've seen, purely because the execution isn't great and the jokes aren't very funny.

I can lay the blame for this squarely on the shoulders of the various writers who really should be making this on par with the likes of RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD or NIGHT OF THE CREEPS. It pales in comparison to other '80s vampire movies like FRIGHT NIGHT and THE LOST BOYS. Story-wise, the set-up is a little similar to FROM DUSK TILL DAWN, but without the urgency or excitement of that movie. Instead what we get is a whole lot of teen speak and boring character humour, and a memorable striptease sequence from the ever-bizarre Grace Jones. Some of the gooey special effects are good, and it's a delight to see Billy Drago in support, but otherwise VAMP is a disappointment.

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 8 / 10

Delightful, Funny and Very Underrated Vampire Movie

In Kansas, the friends Keith (Chris Makepeace) and AJ (Robert Rusler) are trying to join the best fraternity in the university. Their pledge is conditioned to the presence of a stripper to entertain the veteran's members of the fraternity. They need transportation to go to the city to hire a stripper, so they invite the boring Duncan (Gedde Watanabe) to go with them in his car. They arrive in a bar called "After Dark Club" and soon they realize that the place is a nest of vampires, leaded by the evil Katrina (Grace Jones).

"Vamp" is a delightful, funny and very underrated vampire cult-movie. I do not know how many times I have watched this movie, but I loved it and it is one of my favorite vampire movies ever. It is funny to see in 2005, a common pre-AIDS gesture of affection between boy-friends and girl-friends: when Keith cuts his finger, Allison (Dedee Pfeiffer) sucks his blood. I found the IMDb User Rating extremely unfair and I really do not agree with such low rating. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Vamp: A Noite dos Vampiros" ("Vamp: The Night of the Vampires")

Note: On 11 November 2013, I saw this movie again.

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