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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 45%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 75%
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Fionn O'Shea as German Shepherd
Lola Petticrew as Parrott
Terry Notary as Lion Man
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ops-52535 6 / 10

a fictional story...

About an ever so alive and kicking DSM syndrome, a story taken outta the sensitive and dark realms of psychiatry called species identity disorder, a syndrome that has boosted off as us human have been more and more urbanized, my wild guess is that 1 outta 25 of the population in these neighbourhoods do have one or many symptoms that fullfills the dsm-criteria, i myself have always connected myself as being a fish, but what that means to you and everybody around i shall not elaborate any further.

Its a strong but highly exaggerated story about a bunch of kids living their lives as animals, and the clinical attack is just full of c..p, the main male actor though, does a fine prescence, hes a well trained howler and has done this in films in the past. Even though the cast is acting pretty good, youre never taking a deepdive into their ppersonas and storybuild up, they are just there due to their animosity of being an animal. Its really a film that couldve jolted the world with its claws, but slow plot drive and a script that is barren on nutrients do scather its image.

As well as story telling comes some of the weakest film endings ive seen for many years, yes , just an inch more of effort couldve been used, and the result wouldve made storm in a glass of water. Medicine/pills - couldve enchanted the outcome of a story like this, therefore i say, make the end over again its just howling bad.

But if you love your inner animal, if you love to watch movies with a mind rustling topic, and loves to soak yourself into the dreadiest dreadfullness of human behaviour, then its a recommend from the fishshell exematious grumpy old man.

Reviewed by surfisfun 8 / 10

Very well directed and filmed, deserve to be seen.

The main lead was an awesome cast that showcase is great chiseled look and great acting. The rest of the cast did a great job too. The Nasty talkative Doctor can be ennoying a bit at first.

The movie is a slower burner well made for it budget.

I rated it 7 but at the ending give it an 8 for been very please.

Some great memorable scenes, tiny bit of appropriate nudity(it can have been more graphique but i prefer it as iy is!).

This is going to be a tuff one to surpass for the director! One of the best of 2021.

Reviewed by ferguson-6 5 / 10

like dogs and cats

Greetings again from the darkness. We all know that gender identity, and identity in general, are topics receiving a great deal of attention these days. Writer-director Nathalie Biancheri latches on to the discussion by bringing up Species Identity Disorder, also known as Otherkin. These are folks who identify as something other than human, typically a type of animal. It's easy enough to connect the dots to gender dysphoria, but it also walks a fine line between mental health and sadness (and if we are being honest, a bit of humor - at least as presented here).

The film opens on the bare butt of a male in the forest. That's a sentence I hope to never write again. George MacKay stars as Jacob, a young man who identifies as a wolf. It's his butt we first glimpse as he prowls the vegetation growing in nature. Next we see Jacob with his parents at an institution that specializes in Species Identity Disorder. The questionable curative therapies conducted by Dr. Mann (get it?) seem more like torture and humiliation than treatment. Dr. Mann (played straight-faced by Paddy Considine) is also known as 'The Zookeeper' as the patients include: a parrot, a duck, a squirrel, a horse, and a German shepherd.

It's unsettling to see the actions and mannerisms of these patients, but equally unsettling to witness Dr. Mann's methods. If you've ever seen THE SNAKE PIT (1948), then you have some idea of how disturbing institutional treatment can be. Of course, this movie is not at the level of that Anatole Litvak classic, but George MacKay's performance is quite something to appreciate. We saw his physical abilities as he performed yoga in CAPTAIN FANTASTIC (2016), and here he expertly creates the movements (and howls) of the wolf he believes himself to be.

Lily-Rose Depp plays Cecile, a long-term patient who has yet to fully kick her wildcat tendencies. She and Jacob manage to become friends, and the attraction goes deeper through Jacob's primal urges and tendencies. The two actors have one scene together that, by itself, elevates the film. Obviously the real mystery is whether Jacob's bonding with Cecile is enough to change his outlook. He much choose between what he sees as his true self, and life as a man. Director Biancheri has delivered a high-concept arthouse film that will likely find a niche audience, while others are likely to brush it off as cinematic absurdity.

Opens in theaters on December 3, 2021.

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